23 May 2013

Oceans and Dreams

I've been busy-shmusy lately and haven't had time to get out and take cool photos. Not to mention the weather has been in agreement with me: stay inside, kiddo. But I thought I'd take that opportunity to share some artwork that is very near and dear to my heart, and which has played the biggest role in just about anything and everything art-related in my life:

Oceans and Dreams: The Art of Lee W. Mothes (a.k.a. my dad)

Since my birth, this art has been part of my life. Not kidding. My dad has worked at home most of my life, in a studio somewhere in the house or very nearby (currently above my sister's coffee shop with gallery space and all). Not only the art has been influential, but the ocean as well. I was born on the Oregon coast, and although I only lived there for a couple of years as a baby, the influence that the west coast has had on my family and continues to have--through these paintings and trips out there--draws me ever more to the west coast. Someday I imagine I'll stay there for a while.

A little history: Lee Mothes was born and raised on the California coast, where the images and inspiration for his paintings are still derived from, although he's lived in Wisconsin for over 25 years. He takes frequent trips out to the west coast for photographs and to take in the atmosphere, so the views and influences are continually fresh.

Mid Morning; watercolor 
For the better part of my childhood, he worked all year round, but in the summers took numerous trips to all parts of the country to participate in art festivals and shows. When I was a teenager, I traveled to many of those with him, to help set up the tent and work, and to take advantage of the complementary artist breakfasts! I learned a lot about the art fair circuit then, and although times have changed a bit, there are still some successful art fairs around. My dad still participates in some local shows, but primarily shows in galleries and splits his time between painting and teaching at a local fine arts charter high school.

He just finished a couple of new pieces (untitled as yet), and I wanted to share one, since they really grabbed my attention:

And then just a few more. This one hung in my apartment for a while:

Maui Thunder; acrylic

Kiwanda White Wave; acrylic

Long Surf; watercolor

Since the shift from all-watercolor to mostly acrylic over the years, and also his focus more on surf and beaches rather than idyllic house porches and patios with the ocean as a backdrop, his work has taken on a more exciting, energetic quality. I've always loved his work, and I wanted to share some of it, especially since I've been lately craving a trip to the west coast. It's been a while.

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