25 May 2013

Bon week-end!

Is the English saying "toodle-oo," as in, "adios!" derived from the French à tout à l'heure? I've been brushing up on le français and came across that phrase for the first time (why was I never taught that one?) and when I said it out loud a few times, I couldn't say it without laughing. Regardless, a little sleuthing revealed that it's probably not -- that "toodle-oo" is as much a British derivation of "toddle" or "to tootle" someplace (as in "tootling down to the local pub"), but it can't just be coincidence, right?


The photo is from my first trip abroad in 2006, from an extremely long evening walk through Paris on one of the nights we decided to see as much as physically possible on foot.

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A small piece of pertinent Scotland info: university finance queries and documents are starting to roll in.  I know it's not very exciting -- at all, actually -- but it does indicate that this is real, like. Real-real. I've officially declared intent to enroll, so it's all looking a little more official as the days pass.

The anticipation of summer sometimes feels equal parts stressful and carefree, simply because everything seems to happen in the summer and you also want to be able to do so much. It's going to go by very quickly, but come the end of July, most of the work will be done, and I can seriously start looking forward. And perhaps a little short trip to Paris will be in order... de pratiquer la langue. ;)

A tout à l'heure!

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 105

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