12 May 2013

A picture is worth...

There is very little this picture doesn't say about my relationship with my mom.

Happy Mother's Day to the most patient, understanding, generous and supportive mother a daughter could have ever asked for. She always strove to show me the best path (and hope alongside me that it was the right one), and promoted my independence and ability to make my own choices while always making herself available if ever I needed her. Whether near or far, I've always relied on her love and sound judgment to push me through the times when I thought things couldn't get worse; I've relied on her company and laughter when things looked up. I'm a twenty-something Millennial who lives at home, and I count myself lucky to be able to see her almost every day. She's a best friend, a weight loss pal, a shopping buddy and a partner in crime. I wouldn't be about to venture off to grad school if it weren't for her (and my dad's, of course!) unwavering support and encouragement.

I look forward to being able to share this next big adventure with you, mom!

Kate  xoxo

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