02 May 2013

Four months and counting.

The inaugural blog post!

As the title implies, I intend this blog to be artsy, and, indeed, to go abroad. I thought I'd start now, to get a grasp on things as they happen before I actually hop on the plane.

What's so artsy about it, and where are you even going?

Here's the low-down: Starting this September, I'm going to Scotland, to the University of Edinburgh-Edinburgh College of Art for an MSc in the History of Art, Theory and Display. I think that pretty much covers the whole artsy + abroad thing, however I want to take it a little further than the obvious. This is, for all intents and purposes, going to be a way to keep my friends and family updated while I'm away (in addition to my obsessive-almost-maddening presence on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). But it is also going to be a little bit more than that.

My previous blog, Little Red Fish Little Fish Red is/was a nice experiment in blogging. However, it was random and usually directionless, and had its good days and its long swaths of nothingness. I hope to be more consistent with this blog, as it has more of a focus. Be warned that I use the term 'focus' loosely. I'd like to see this become a travel-history-art-experience-food-style-lifestyle blog. What, I'm focused!

As an art history masters student, I'll be attending (maybe even working?) arts functions and visiting museums and galleries and architectural treasures and so on and so forth... It's going to be amazing. But I'm also going to be in a city I've never been to before. Edinburgh has festivals galore throughout the year, countless pubs, cafes and restaurants, and plenty of museums, parks and landmarks to fill up a year, and then some. Not to mention the student life!!

So, first, a little reality check: I'll be leaving in almost exactly four months. Let the countdown (and the preparations) begin!

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