28 June 2013

And we're off... just about...


This has been a very long June, and at the same time a very FAST June. Is it already time for my trip to Montana? Why, yes it is!

Tomorrow afternoon, my sisters and I leave for a week-long road trip/camping excursion to Glacier National Park, and we're super pumped. My last road trip was in September, that time eastbound with only one of my two sisters (the photo above is from that trip, taken in Columbus, OH) and I'm suuuuuuper excited to head west this time. I'm more of a west-leaning girl. That may or may not have something do with having been born on the Oregon coast. But I digress! Tomorrow! Montana! And maybe Canada! (Passport stashed safely away.)

I will be out of commission for a week... but I'll make up for it with some awesome photos and hopefully an even better story or two to share.

Bon week-end! 

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 71

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