21 June 2013

Appleton Summer Concert Series

Before the rain and storms blew in overnight, we had an utterly gorgeous evening to enjoy -- and the local summer concert series! Normally the Summer Concert Series, held in Appleton WI every Thursday during the summer, is located in Houdini Plaza, an open square in downtown. But Houdini Plaza has been under construction for the last few months, and wasn't finished in time to pick up with the concerts quite yet. So, they've held them in Jones Park, merely two blocks away, and wow. Why doesn't the city hold more events there?

Jones Park is like a bowl, a natural amphitheater if set up the right way, and was such a perfect location for a concert. The musicians last night, Grand Union, were a local country band -- I admit I know little and care even less for country music in general, but it was entertaining and they weren't too bad.

My favorite part were the zeppole, or "zeppoles" as they are apparently called in Wisconsin, an Italian doughnut (singular: zeppola). My mother and I ordered a baker's dozen of them for some reason, I guess not realizing that they were about twice the size of your typical doughnut hole. But they were fried fresh while we waited, and it's not the first time time my mother and I have seriously overdone it on the doughnuts--within the last two weeks! (The last was National Doughnut Day, when we sort of bought a dozen Dunkin Donuts.. for ourselves). Anyway. I digress.

Turnout was amazing. I don't know where they would ever find the room for as many people downtown, even in the newly refurbished Houdini Plaza, and even then, there isn't a playground and a lot of grass for kids to run around. And there were a lot of kids. So, parents can be adults and drink a beer or two while their kids dance along to Kenny Chesney covers (I don't know if there was one of those, just guessing).

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

If you're in the area, the schedule of musicians for the Summer Concert Series can be found here.

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