20 June 2013

Par avion!

It's really difficult to make a piece of paper look exciting, I know. But holy cats! I just got my first piece of real mail yesterday from the University of Edinburgh and for the very first time in this whole process -- even the filling-out-the-visa part -- I feel like this is actually happening. They sent me my ID card application, to which I have to affix a passport sized photo so that when I arrive on campus, I'll be able to pick up the card. My own UE identification card! Should I be this excited?

It's also the little differences that are so amusing -- the standard copy paper size in UK is A4, so all the papers are a little longer. It really is the little things, isn't it? Ha! I am really easily amused, it seems. Remembering these minute details brings me back to when I studied abroad in London seven (seven!!?) years ago, and it makes me all the more excited to get back to the UK and do it all again, except better. Cooler!

Glancing at the calendar, I realize just how quickly time is going to fly. I have so much going on between two jobs, my upcoming trip with my sisters to Glacier National Park, the UK visa process, and having to pack up and move out and away. All within a little over two months! Insane! I remember when I was staring at the countdown widget on my phone and it said something boring and uninteresting like "226 days"...

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 79

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  1. So exciting! Also, I know how that countdown things feels...