05 June 2013

The ball starts rolling

This morning I checked my email first thing, like I usually do (because at 6am, it's noon in UK!) and was happy thrilled to see an email with an offer of accommodation!



Yep. That's right. I have an address, and it ends in "Royal Mile, Edinburgh." Ahh! Couldn't be happier. And soon I won't even have to post dreamy photos that other people took! ;)

I had three days to decide whether or not to accept, but it took me all of about ten minutes to go through the process of securing my place. It was my top choice, and I'll be in a flat of five students. I think that many people in one flat is wonderful, because there's so much opportunity to get to know other people, and also to not be stuck with one roommate, if that roommate turns out to not be ideal. It's in arguably the best location, in a historic building, and is also the cheapest university accommodation I could get. I'm delighted with that combination of qualities.

On the other hand, of course, a couple hours later I received an email informing me that I had not been selected as a recipient of the College of Art scholarship either, so that's strike three and I'm full-on borrowing for this baby. All that will start to come together soon, and yet again I have to remind myself to keep from stressing too much about the money... it's a big investment, but that's what it is: an investment. And I know of people in faaaar worse financial shape student debt-wise than I am. So really, no actual complaints.


Anyway. The excitement of getting my top choice accommodation outweighs the scholarship hiccup, so onto the next thing... whatever that may be!


Days to Edinburgh move-in: 94


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love yours! That is awesome that you are moving to Scotland!
    I'll for sure be following your travels on Bloglovin'

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

    1. And likewise! :D Appreciate you dropping by!

      Kate x

  2. I love Scotland, I went in January and I think it's magic <3



    1. It really is a wonderful place! Thanks for stopping by! :D

      Kate x