18 June 2013

The good life

I think I may be mostly back in Normal Mode after my luscious weekend consisting of my sister's marriage and Father's Day, all of which feels as if it was wrapped up into one weekend-long celebration of family and love. If I could sound any mushier, I would, because it was just that sweet.

I've been back at work for a couple days now, surprisingly surpassing the sort of back-to-work bewilderment that often accompanies the return after a few days off when I've been so totally mentally elsewhere. Only once did I sit blankly in front of a computer screen at one point and think, "What the hell is my password?"

Anyway. All is well! Fantastic, actually. Sometimes I wonder how it has come to be that I'm so damn lucky. Looking forward to camping with my sisters in about a week and a half -- we're headed on a sibling road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana! Simply can't wait for that.

And on the topic of not being able to wait, I'm starting to really anticipate the Scotland move now, considering I have an address to visualize and a suitcase that has magically filled up with scarves, sweaters and jackets. Other than that, how does one pack to move overseas? Is it better to pack suitcases or ship packages of extra stuff? I've packed for long trips, one that lasted a few months, but never to the extent that I was emptying an apartment and taking as much with me as possible abroad. This is going to be a learning experience... recommendations and suggestions are more than welcome!

The first stage of my UK visa application has been submitted (and paid for, yikes!), so next we're talking a new passport sized photo and a brief trip to Milwaukee in early July for what they call a "biometrics appointment," ie. fingerprints. Then I send all that paperwork mumbo jumbo, along with my passport, off to New York and get a visa in return. All in due time!

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 81


  1. When I moved to the Dominican Republic. The school I was working for offered to pay to ship a box down for me. I didn't end up doing that. Instead I packed my suitcases with clothes, pictures, computer, camera, and pretty much the basics. I brought a bunch of books too. As for everything else, I just kind of built my apartment with things that I bought from that country. I brought so much back with me that I didn't want to take too much down to the DR.

    Hope that helps!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

    1. Thank you! That does help -- I am definitely planning on accumulating things there, but there are books and a lot of music (LPs), and some art and whatnot that I want to have. I have to check into the fees for extra checked baggage vs. shipping some things, but I've got time! Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!! :D And that's really cool that you went to the DR -- I've never been anywhere even near there, and I've always wanted to check out that area.

      Kate x

    2. You SHOULD go there! It's an amazing vacation area. It's beautiful and the people are very friendly. Glad I could help!