14 June 2013

Sneak peek: June 15 wedding

It's all the rage around here; it's all anyone can think, see and talk about! My beautiful sister is getting married to a fine man tomorrow, and it so happens that it's all happening in his parents' front yard! An absolutely amazing yard it is, too, with a pond, rolling lawn, and plenty of space for an outdoor ceremony fifty yards from a large white tent.

I worked most of the day yesterday at the art museum, so I was a little late to the setup party, but by the time I rolled in, the sun was starting to go down in an almost entirely cloudless sky, and most of the big items had been set up: the soundstage -- there will be plenty live music, as my sister's fiance is a musician, tents, twinkle lights, and many of the tables and chairs. We spent most of the time affixing tulle wherever it was needed, and putting together red paper pom poms to hang up in the tent.

The location is a little farmette near Green Bay, WI, complete with numerous chickens, a sheep, a couple of horses, and an alpaca! The alpaca was recently shorn, so it looked hilarious -- better photographs to come, hopefully! ;)

I can't wait to show you everything in all its glory after Saturday, and also to show you how absolutely amazing the wedding party is going to look! My sister's style sensibilities are very quaint, down-home, feminine and a little vintage. Make of that what you will; I'm so excited to see it all come together.

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