06 February 2014

The art of Karborn

"I'm not a digital artist. I'm not an illustrator. I'm an artist."

I want to share with you Karborn a.k.a. John Leigh, London-based multimedia artist. He's an enigmatic guy with a splendid and large portfolio. His work is very graphic, edging on illustration one moment, seizing the urban environment in another, following a thread through digitalization and college and film and pop culture the next. Some of his work has an almost ethereal quality while at the same time a bit jarring. Depth is uncertain. The collage aspect of a lot of the work defies that there are segments that take the viewer back into space, or deep into, perhaps, nothingness. The enormous void of the digital age? The void of perception? (Who's to say?)

Love it. Check out some of the images here, and be sure to check out his Cargo Collective page where you can see a number of films and additional images.


Royal Nude

Voler de Nuit

Pauses Sunsetter Golden

She Dreams Sisyphus / Le Mythe de Sisyphe

Prints available for purchase

Kate xx

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