12 February 2014

Care of: MKE

Guys! I'm so excited to present to you a GUEST POST!! by the wonderful, adorable, rep-the-homestate blogger Lisa at c/oMKE who came up with the brilliant idea to exchange 'care of' posts. I've followed her blog since I started blogging myself last spring and MKE (airport code for Milwaukee, in case you're interested, is what all the cool kids call it. Obvie!) is only a couple hours from where I grew up so it has a special place in my heart. It's also this love of place that really shines through in Lisa's writing and photography about her home. Enjoy! :D

Kate xx


Hello Artsy Abroad readers! I'm Lisa from c/oMKE and I'm beyond excited to be guest posting in Kate's wonderful space because 1) We're both raised Wisconsinites and 2) Her blog is just the best, right?! I love her passion for exploring, photography, and travel. Kindred spirits I'd say.

I'm just a silly lass living in and blogging about my favorite city in the world, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was born and raised here and have so much passion and enthusiasm for being proud of where you come from or where you live. My blog is a lifestyle blog about my life in Milwaukee. I share personal stories and tidbits about myself, but my main focus is showing the world what Milwaukee has to offer. I feel like many people think of Wisconsin as this northern state with not much more than cows, cheese, and beer. Don't get me wrong, we love our cheese and beer, but Milwaukee has so much more that people don't know about. On my c/oMKE I show the world Milwaukee's great restaurants, bars, and events so that maybe they can see the world in a different light.

LisaMKE LisaMKE2

Here are some of my favorite posts about MKE among other subjects that I write and share. 

Milwaukee is bursting with great brunch spots. There are tons of different options to choose from. Honeypie Café is one of those perfect restaurants for a country-cooking-homestyle meal.


There are greasy spoon restaurants scattered all over the city if you would be looking for something a little more sinful - one of the most popular being Comet Café


One of my new favorite brunch spots is Café Corazón for when you are feeling a little more Latin. Delicious.


Sticking with the restaurant feel - I love all of the unique places we have as well with a pretty big range.
There is Afternoon Tea at the Pfister Hotel which can make you feel all posh and fancy schmancy. Then there are places like our Underground Ramen joint which is a stealthy late night restaurant that only serves 60 bowls per night.

AfternoonTea Ramen

MKE also has some really cool events for people with a variety of interests.
I post about a variety of them like this Repeal the Prohibition Party or this Urban Garage Sale.

Prohibition UrbanGarageSale

Apart from focusing on MKE and all that it offers I share pieces of my life like my stylerecipes, and the occasional DIY.

Fashion Recipes DIY

I hope that you all can stop over and check out c/oMKE sometime, I'd love to have you! And please take a peek at Kate's wonderful c/oEdinburgh guest post.

Thanks for having me, Kate!



  1. Hey girl, thanks for having me and for kicking off my new series!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

    1. Absolutely - it was so much fun! I'm excited to see where your new series takes you!

      Kate x