07 February 2014

Sunny sun!

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A few things: it's February and it feels so springlike, I can hardly believe it. February, historically and from a Wisconsin point of view, has always been my least-loved month. There was always a bunch of old, crusty, dirty snow on the ground, it was cold and dreary, and the whole point is that it has felt that way for the last two or three months! When will it eeeend?? Without a doubt, the shortest month still felt like the longest.

Not so in Edinburgh. Either it's been mild and I've lucked the heck out, or else if I had to deal with winter somewhere, dealing with it here just ain't so shabby.

Also, I have a particular fondness for mornings when the sun is out and the sky is blue, but the ground is wet from a recent rain. Nothing rivals shiny cobblestones when they glisten in optimistic sunshine.

The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun is getting a little higher in the sky. I almost need sunglasses now! There are birds chirping in the trees and some hearty spring blossoms popping. Yesterday as I walked home from class around 4:30, people were sitting outside cafes in sweatshirts, listening to the buskers and sipping coffee. A sure sign of spring if I ever saw one.

I gave a class presentation yesterday which may very well turn out to be my last. I shouldn't hold my breath, but personally, presentations are one of my least favorite things about university. I've just been to the library (en route to which these photos were taken quickly) and apart from spending some time outdoors now that the weather seems promising, some studying is about to go down.

Spring is always the toughest term as the weather begins to turn nice, don't you find? Categorize that under 'things I forgot about being in college.'

Kate xx


  1. ...old crusty dirty snow... You should see it. The gas company has been working RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE! It's a mess... and spring will be, ugh, an even bigger muddy mess!

    1. Maybe now you can use that as a tabula rasa for a new garden arrangement! :)

  2. lovely photo's <3


  3. OH I love that right after a rain too. And seriously. Presentations are the worst! I always get SO nervy!
    Lisa | c/oMKE