13 February 2014

Jena Thomas

Paint is great. I love paint. But there's paint, and then there's paint. And Jena Thomas's paint is decadent. I just stumbled on her work the other day and just had to share. I wish I could see these in person in order to experience the density of the material on the canvas: the paint is thick which gives the already rich colors a real depth. They defy categorizing, really, as they seem to straddle a blurry line between abstract and traditional landscapes. I love the boldness, the unusual shapes and new vantage points on everyday scenes like backyard pools and camping tents. This is the sort of painting I have an almost visceral reaction to: the rawness of the paint itself adds an amazing amount of depth to what is ostensibly just the surface of the canvas. Check out her website -- her portfolio is consistently wonderful. I'm putting Jena Thomas on my list of artists to keep tabs on...

Night Swimming, 2013, oil on canvas

Tent II, 2012, oil on canvas

Against the Grid, 2013, oil on canvas

Fire Island, 2013, oil on canvas

Kate xx


  1. Hi Kate! Just saw this post and wanted to thank you for writing about Jena-- she's an artist we represent! We're having her solo exhibition this week, actually, at our gallery in the States (so it's quite a timely post). Too bad you're not local! Wonderful blog, and thanks again for highlighting this new artist's talent!

    1. Thanks! And it's my pleasure! It was taken with her work right away. All the best with the show - wish I could pop in and see it! ;)