03 February 2014


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I couldn't go without posting a small tribute to one of my--possibly just my favorite actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died yesterday at the age of 46. I've been a fan since his role as Dusty in Twister which was a wonderfully terrible movie and most of the 'wonderful' was due to him. His roles were as challenging and searing and deep as he seemed down-to-earth and ordinary in the day-to-day. From the bits of silliness in Along Came Polly, The Big Lebowski and my favorite role as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous to the wrenching Doubt, The Master and Oscar-winning Capote... This guy was a stage and screen titan who seemed to casually linger in the Hollywood periphery. He was a brilliant performer, but not Hollywoodian. He was a master of nuance who lived for and suffered his art, and one whose legacy will long, long outshine his too-brief life.


Kate x


  1. Terrible news! I liked him a lot and he was such a talented actor.