18 October 2013

Wellington Coffee


Hellooo, beautiful.

Okay, so, I try not to go overboard in my Instagram feed with pictures of gorgeous little lattes, but sometimes I just can't help myself. And since it appears that all I want to look at on Instagram right now is latte art in cute mugs on wooden surfaces... I thought it was time to do the Wellington Coffee post I've been sort of mentioning here and there. (They don't have their own website, apparently.)

This (my favorite) coffee shop is about a five minute walk into the New Town area of Edinburgh, where there are a lot of shops (some quite upscale, but the whole range is there), and sits nestled underneath another shop on the corner of George Street and Hanover Street. I'll just get my one complaint out of the way: there is soooo not enough room inside to sit comfortable, especially if there are more than two of you. There is plenty of seating outdoors, but considering Edinburgh's inconsistent (at best) fall-winter weather, sitting outside is often not an option. Inside, there are two small tables and the rest of the seating consists of small stools at very narrow bars. Fine, but crowded, and if you need space, it's not really that sort of place.

That rhymed.

Anyway! Aside from that little tidbit, here are the amazing things:

THE COFFEE IS THE BEST. I've been to a number of other coffee shops, and Wellington Coffee consistently makes the best lattes I've had anywhere here (yet). A close second is Artisan Roast, which seems a sort of standard hipster roast around here, which other coffee shops brew, but Wellington uses Square Mile Coffee out of East London. The baristas* know what they're doing and they're pretty serious about it, too -- nice, no-nonsense folks who know how to froth milk and pour a sweet, smooth shot of espresso every single time. No flavors, just coffee.

Pastries. The cheese and bacon scone is like heaven, pretty much. See below.


The place also just kind of quaint. It's not big enough to sit in and study for a while, but it's also not in the part of town where students are inclined to spread out so much with their laptops and books. Like any larger city, though, *cough*Starbucks*cough* can be found just about every three blocks if what you want is to sit for three hours and nurse a brewed coffee.

And like all the best coffee shops, Wellington has a punch card so after 9 drinks you get one free. I'm allllways a fan of this system. :)

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I almost always take it to go because of the aforementioned space issue. And it's also become part of my morning routine to get coffee there and then walk around the surrounding neighborhoods until it's time to do some real work. It's just a little sad that they have to cover up that beautiful little drink. ;)


Kate x

*Random observation: there are a lot more male baristas in Edinburgh. (!!?) Haha.


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    1. I think they must hand-stamp them because I occasionally get a defective one, and I like that even more. ;D

      Kate x