10 October 2013

A wee bit o' nature


Just look at that view. Sigh. This is pretty much the whole reason I paid £20 to drive around in a bus all day, because this sort of vista made it all worthwhile. I only wish I could stay out here for a while. Hiking? Camping? Perhaps something to think about when summer comes back around!


We stopped for photos at this little viewpoint... the sort of place a picnic would have been perfect!

10102013-4 10102013-5

And then we went down the hill to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, part of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. We stomped around a wee waterfall, as it is said. ;)


And oh, look! It's me! (A rare appearance on the blog, I know. I keep telling myself I'll get better about that, but I just don't. Eep!)

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There are mirror statues in the peet bog near the falls, which was... cool. Reflecting our place in nature and all that, I suppose. :)

10102013-13 10102013-12

This is probably the most nature-y of the Highlands posts, but it's in the more natural places that I feel most at ease -- especially when the goal was the escape the city! It's simply that there are infinite hills to see and roads to go down... I love to get out and remember how big the world really is, and how fascinating it is that I will only ever see the tiniest fraction of it, no matter how much (or how little) I travel. Just a fraction! That the world will always remain a mystery, even the parts that I comprehend as "knowing well," is what pushes me to keep exploring it, without feeling like I need to "see everything."

As of yet, of course, with all of this travel talk, I haven't got any little trips planned right now, but I've been contemplating a trip (a research trip, fo' realz!) to Oban on the west coast, to visit a particular castle for an end-of-term paper. Perhaps a few castles, actually. When it comes to reasons to take a trip or two, art history is da bomb diggity.

I'm sorry I just said bomb diggity.


Week four of classes is nearly through! Amazing. Time is flying. Only one more week until the so-called "reading week" which is, essentially, a week off. Or, in other words, a week to prepare to buckle down to the real serious second half of the term! Please forgive me, in advance, if I let off the posts a little bit, but I'll try to keep them consistent. It's too much fun to have an outlet to share my photos and experiences anyway.

Kate x

P.S. On a totally separate note, I despise that I am only alotted 10 hours/month on Spotify in the UK. But I will not let it stop me posting the playlist posts. It'll just make it a little more irritating for me. iTunes Radio, I'm now tuning in...


  1. Oban!! I wish we'd have spent more time there. I love the west coast!

    1. Yes, we are going when you guys come over. :D <3 I love the west too. It's my favorite.

  2. my you are doing amazing with all your sightseeing!
    it's good to get out of the city and into open space hey, and scotland has certainly got plenty of that! :)

    1. Absolutely! I love to get out into the country, but I also enjoy coming back to the city. :) Best of both worlds here!

      Kate x