27 October 2013

Mission accomplished: Oban

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Above is Dunollie Castle, a Clan MacDougall stronghold from the 15th c, now very well abandoned. There's an adjacent 17th century house which has been turned into a museum. More on this later. ;)

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I'm back! And blogging! I feel a little guilty that there's been a bit of a delay getting a new post up, but a lot's been happening! I may not have been posting, but I've been accumulating material to post. Right? Right. ;)

I arrived back at Edinburgh last night a little before 9, after, I admit, a really shitty just-bearable train ride. Being a Saturday evening, and en route to Glasgow, it's quite possible this was the reason for a much more boisterous group of people being on the train. Perhaps to even out this pitfall, I met two Scottish couples who sat across from me and had been visiting Oban for a few days. They had a bunch of leftover venison and smoked salmon sandwiches, so they very warmheartedly provided me with supper and some cheery conversation. They were en route back to their retirement home in Portugal. Sigh!

Oban is on the west coast of Scotland, about as far west as you can go on land before having to hop ferries to the islands. It's a small, friendly city. I walked around there very briefly when my family came to Scotland on vacation back in 2011, but I was able to walk around and explore a lot more this time around. That's one benefit of traveling solo... you're on your own timetable! Albeit sometimes there are moments when it would be nice to share a beautiful view with someone, or a meal, or a drink at the pub. Just thought I'd share a few photos of the first evening I was there. I'll get some more up soon, from the subsequent days.

Kate x

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