08 October 2013



I insist on calling it late summer because it has so not felt like autumn yet here in Edinburgh! Although, to be fair, the leaves have started to change. A very short playlist reflecting a few new finds (Cosmo Sheldrake) and a couple of oldies that I resurrected (Boy and King Creosote).

Just for fun, another Cosmo Sheldrake song I'm totally hooked on... this guy needs a record soon. ;)

Also, I just purchased my ticket for the Hogmanay Street Party -- where King Creosote will be playing. !! He made seeing his live show quite easy for me after all. :) Hooray! All-Scottish acts will also include Chvrches and Django Django. I'm so excited for the New Year now -- woo!

Getting the week off to a good start. Cheers!

Kate x