13 October 2013

St. Cuthbert's Churchyard


Part of my (usually late-) morning routine has been to walk north to New Town to grab coffee, and usually, since the shop I like to go into is extremely small, take the coffee to go and then walk around the northern neighborhoods for a while... or at least until my coffee is gone. Yesterday I took a brief detour through the churchyard of St. Cuthbert's, which sits off the western end of Princes Street Gardens. It's a quiet, eerie sort of place, made even more eerie by several series of broken tombs, which seem as though they are particular attractive to homeless people at night. During the day, however, it was quiet and almost totally devoid of people, even though it's right off busy Lothian Road (which was actually widened and built over some of the graves, interestingly). A wide train tunnel that serves Waverley Station goes underneath part of the churchyard, but from that part, where the trees have been removed, there are some unprecedented views of Edinburgh Castle (see my Instagram!).

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At any rate, it was kind of an interesting, random little walk. Charles Darwin's uncle is buried here... somewhere. :)

Kate x

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