07 October 2013

Snacktime with the coos

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Continuing with the day trip to the Highlands, which was comprised of so many little parts that I keep making separate posts, but... it's better this way. All of the above photos are from Loch Katrine, a rather touristy spot (would have been nice, again, to spend more than 30 minutes walking only the very beginning of the road around it). And though I want to pronounce it Lock Katreen, it was pronounced closer to Loch Kat-rin, which is easy to remember because it's just like Katherine without the 'he.' See? I always find a way for things to be about me. ;)

And then... brace yourselves...

The Highland cows.


Seriously, if we had a) had more time, b) had more bread and therefore c) been able to keep them interested in us, I could have spent all afternoon with these sweeties. And babies too! Just adorable. They were wonderfully friendly, but one had to be really aware of their horns because they swing their heads around pretty fiercely. You just wouldn't want to get on of those things in your side. Eep! Other than that, they were so gentle. And too cute! There were two babies, only one pictured, but they were supposed to be about 5 months old or so, their horns just growing in. <3

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Wrapping up a long but good weekend over here. I bought some new shoes today, which was my only real accomplishment. Well, no, that's a lie. I did meet a new person (always a good thing) and managed to read a very useful article in preparation for my architecture class tomorrow. I'm starting to think more seriously about potential essay topics, so the real work begins...

Kate x

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