16 October 2013

Study playlist!


May I present to you yet another playlist... this one very much thanks to iTunes Radio (although a few songs I've listened to for years, such as City and Colour's "The Girl"), but there are some up-and-coming groups on here as well, thanks to listening to whatever iTunes wanted to play for me. :) It's another very eclectic mix--Alt-J* and Django Django contrast City and Colour and RY X, but that's what I love so much about playlists... the variety! Enjoy!

Also -- I've decided to keep trying to share the videos for these so they're easy to hear right away. A mix of lyric videos, official videos, and the occasional preferable live or acoustic version... such as my all-time favorite Beirut video EVER via La Blogotheque. Cheers! --Kate x

* I misspelled "Tessellate" in the image -- I'm sorry about that. ;)

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