14 January 2014

Get back to work!


Well, well, well... my second/final term of classes begins today! I arrived back in Edinburgh last night and slept for almost thirteen hours after (miraculously) unpacking and cleaning up a little. One should never underestimate the joy upon seeing a made-up bed when arriving home from a long flight. I'm so glad my mom taught me to make my bed (most of the time, but especially before trips)! I might be fighting a bit of jet lag and residual stress from all the goings-on during my visit home, and I feel like Monday sort of didn't exist at all, but all is well and I'm ready to jump back into a routine and whatever comes next. 

This week is busy, and they'll only get busier. I might not be as present here as I have been the last few weeks--I had so much more time! But I'll try to keep posting as much as possible. This blog and all of your lovely comments keep me grounded, and that's something I can't understate. It's surprised me a little bit how much blogging, even when I feel like I 'can't be bothered,' really helps me get through--whether it's just a long day, or a heavy school workload, or stressful times, or long layovers in airports--you name it. Even if it means posting a picture of a cute kitty or a bright blue sky to make myself feel better about this thing or that, the point is that I do feel better when I blog. And on the flipside, it's so amazing to blog about things I see and learn that I thoroughly enjoy -- being able to share it is just the coolest. And I love hearing from you all. :) So thanks!

Kate xx

(By the way, that's England through a very scruffy window yesterday morning!)


  1. That is exactly how I feel! Sometimes it is hard to keep up, but it's always an escape or distraction for a little bit.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

    1. Absolutely! It helps clear my head... organize my thoughts. ;)


  2. I understand what you mean I feel the same about blogging maybe is because it is nice to share and connect with people with your same interes :)

  3. well, aren't you wonderfully adorable! I toootally get it about the bed. sometimes I'll even wash the sheets the day before to make it extra sweet!