26 December 2013

When it's Ginger Hair Day...

... (and you're a ginger)
... why not go for a little ride?

Edinburgh from the Star Flyer

Today, as part of Edinburgh Christmas's Alternative 12 Days of Christmas Ticket Giveaway scheme, it was Ginger Hair Day. No joke! Being a ginger, and one with hair down to my waist, believe it or not, I couldn't just let this opportunity slip by. Oh no. Luckily, a friend messaged me about it in the middle of the day, and good thing she did! Because I hadn't heard of it, and now I feel it's my duty to pass along the news to anyone who is in, around, or near Edinburgh and might be looking for an excuse to save £7.50 and go on the carousel, ferris wheel, Star Flyer (and I think the ice rink is included) for free.

The Star Flyer was, hands down, the one thing I wanted to do, out of anything at the Christmas market. It's 60m high, and you sit in a swing that puts you waaaay over the tops of the buildings. It's not overly fast or anything, and it's not meant to give you that pit-in-the-stomach feeling. But it still gets the blood rushing a little bit, being that high and letting physics go to work. (I'm a sucker for amusement park rides, so... it was rad.) When I sat down in my bucket seat for the ride, one of the ticket-takers stopped me and said, 'What is this?' and pointed to the ticket. He wanted to know why my ticket said there was no fee paid. I pointed to the part that said 'Ginger Hair Day' and the look he gave me was priceless. Apparently he wasn't in on the promo.

I admit that this might be the first time in my life that my hair colour actually counted as a 'perk,' but hey, there was no way I wasn't going to take them up on the offer! And seriously, it couldn't have come along on a more gorgeous December day. The sun was out in full force, there was hardly any wind, and the air was crystal clear... from the Star Flyer one can see for miiiiiles. Just unbelievable. It would have been worth the £7.50 anyway.

It's also my dad's birthday today, so Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Kate xx

Ginger Hair Day at Edinburgh's Christmas The Star Flyer Edinburgh from the Star Flyer Edinburgh from the Star Flyer Edinburgh from the Star Flyer

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