21 December 2013

Over the Thames

photo 2-16 Parliament Building, London

A fatter picture post (!!) with some shots of my walk around Westminster and South Bank. It was a cloudy day and as the evening wore on, it started raining in earnest, so the color isn't the best. But it's what it is, and it's still London! <3

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey London

South Bank has a Christmas Market right now, which is quite large. Most of these Christmas markets seem the same to me, but if you look carefully you can find some unique things. The benefit of this one is the array of yummy food stands -- there were plenty of those! So, if anything, you can get some churros or hot chocolate and stroll around listening to Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" for the seven-billionth time (and that's okay).

One area I had never checked out before was Gabriel's Wharf with a number of independently run shops. There are a couple cafes and coffee shops along with a few print galleries and handcrafted gift shops -- definitely worth a stop!

Christmas Market Gabriel's Wharf, London London skyline London Eye St. Paul's, London London

Kate x


  1. Hi Kate,
    I like your photos - the light seems fine to me, it makes what colour there is pop.

    I was taken by your comment about Christmas markets. I was in Edinburgh's 2 weeks ago (they have had one for a couple of years) and last weekend in Leiden NL. This year is their first. They all do look the same and it is a shame that it takes away the atmosphere and uniqueness of the original German markets. When you can see it at home, why travel? I think it will lead to an impoverishment of individual national culture. But what the heck, we can't turn back the clock. Might as well embrace it.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!
    Dawn in NL

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I totally agree with you on the market front... Someday I'll have to actually see one of the famous German markets and I imagine the ones that pop up in other cities now pale in comparison! But I can't seem to get enough of the Christmas decorations, no matter what!

      Have a merry Christmas!


  2. those photos! gorgeous as always


  3. I love the way you capture architecture.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

    1. Thanks! Perhaps in another life -- or a future phase -- I'll be an architecture photographer. Haha I envy those people who get to go into brand new houses to take pictures of them. ;)

      Merry Christmas!