17 December 2013

Hello London!

Trafalgar Square at Christmas
London London
Queen's guard, LondonBig Ben  BoudicaBig Ben, London London Eye

I love this city! On my first full day in the city, I started the morning at the National Gallery and took a walk through Westminster and around Southbank to get to Tate Modern. Luckily it didn't rain until later evening, but it was quite cloudy most of the time. Just a few photos!

I'm fairly positive I walked by Adam Godley! Having just watched Love Actually the other day, in which he plays the tiny-bit part of the teacher introducing the school nativity play, it was happily coincidental to see someone so fresh in memory.

Now I'm snacking on some Hobnobs and sipping an evening cuppa. By the way, does McVitie's still make mini Hobnobs? Those were the best...

Kate x

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