27 December 2013

Find me: VSCOGrid

Edinburgh, Scotland

In early summer I put myself on the waiting list for Visual Supply Co.'s VSCOGrid, their classy answer to Instagram. It's highly curated and the interface is gorgeous. There's no way to 'like' or comment on anyone's photos, but everything is searchable by keyword. Not to mention that the vast number of photographers that use it have amazing talent.

I've used VSCO's presets on my iPhone via their fantastic VSCOCam (link to iTunes). I post a little obsessively/compulsively on Instagram, but all my photography is done via VSCOCam. Only a few weeks ago I finally received a notification that my Grid was ready, so after uploading a few of my absolute favorites, I wanted to share it with you!

You can find me here:

VSCOGrid: katemo.vsco.co

Don't forget you can follow my photo and idea posts all of the time on my Pinterest boards and Instagram. And of course, you can follow this blog on Facebook and Bloglovin!

I also want to thank you all for checking out this blog and keeping up with it over the last few months. I'm still very much a novice in the blogging world, but I really enjoy sharing my adventures with you all, and checking out the blogs I come across as well. It's such a pleasure, and I'm happy to continue on with Artsy Abroad in future months! Thanks again!

Kate x


  1. Congrats! That's awesome and so beautiful!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  2. i love the iphone filters that vsco produces-now i'll have to check out their grid {and perhaps your instagram as well!} and i love reading your blog-its such a nice window into life in the uk xx