08 August 2013

The wind began to switch...

... the house, to pitch, and suddenly the hinges began to unhitch...

Name that movie!

Anyway. An update from my last post, after I managed to leave my own yard for most of the day, and while cleanup continues. Yep, I said cleanup. The news is reporting that some 20,000+ people are still without power in northeast Wisconsin after three confirmed tornadoes whipped through the night before last. One of them went through the south side of my town, and a couple more were a bit north in the neighboring city.

It's had everyone a little spooked. A few people I know are still without power (we're lucky that the weather is absolutely gorgeous and not humid at all, so at least there's that). There are many areas and neighborhoods in which traffic lights aren't working, or are intermittently working. In one area badly hit, an entire row of power lines were ripped right off their bases and a few roofs were torn off. A church was nearly flattened. Overall, we are exceedingly lucky that the most we had on our street were osme downed tree limbs, and no one seems have had any issues with bashed in roofs or broken windows or anything.

What a freak thing! Being the middle of the night, not many people were watching the news or listening for the forecast, but no one ever set off any sirens either. Perhaps it came a little too fast, but few people had the presence of mind to get down into a basement.

At least it wasn't like this:

New Richmond, Wisconsin in June, 1899.

So, not that. We can be thankful. 

As cleanup continues and thousands of homes and businesses continue without electricity, wishing a safe and speedy recovery. Many people are offering their outlets to charge cell phones and showers (with the lights on!) so all will be well. And also, more power to the vast squads of city workers, electricians and tree removal people who are out in droves. All the hard work is greatly appreciated.

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 30

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