06 August 2013

One month to go!

A kind of random post today, but this is it, folks. The final stretch, or something along those lines. Today marks one month from departure. !!! I can hardly wait to start posting about all things Edinburgh and travel related! Therein lies the whole reason for this blog, and since I've had it for a couple of months now, I've got a handle on how best to bring the best posts to you. Family, friends, and blogosphere: I love you.

Just sayin'. :)

After what feels like eons waiting for all of this to come together, I'm finally faced with the concept of imminence, and trying to pack as much activity/work/travel into these last few weeks as humanly possible. As well as actually... packing. Which hasn't happened yet, not really even a little.

Today I have the day off and I've been taking it easy. One of the best things I know to do on a day off is go thrift shopping. I managed to find a sweet vintage leather convertible clutch bag in the most brilliant shade of blue. I try to only buy the things that a) are amazing, just amazing and b) are one-time-deal sorts of finds. I know I've been trying to clean out my closet, but some things I'm just certain I can make room for. And for $3.49, you just can't go wrong! Goes with my leopard print skirt I thrifted a while back. ;)

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I also celebrated/prepared for Edinburgh arrival today by purchasing an iPhone off eBay that I'll be able to use on any number of networks in the UK once I get a SIM card over there. My current phone is about shot, so no matter what, it was about time to upgrade. Aaaallll the little things that go into a move overseas. Not that I'm complaining about a excuse to get a new phone. Not at all!


Otherwise, my very sleepy (read: naughty) cat and I are just hanging out today. He's an indoor feline, but yesterday he snuck out of the house and was outside for a loooong time. Luckily he hung around the house the whole time, but when I finally saw him, he couldn't stop scratching and biting at himself. I worried he had gotten into some fleas or something. Turns out he must have wallowed in some burrs, because they were stuck everywhere in his fur. Serves him right.


But now we're relaxed. I'm going to miss this dude. Lucky for me (and him, probably) my amazing parents are kind of adopting him. So I'll get to visit him at Christmas. ;)

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 32

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