01 August 2013

August at last

Despite any feelings to the contrary, August did in fact arrive eventually. Like, today! It's here! It's August. And the calendar may say that summer started toward the end of June, but we all know that summer consists of three months: June, July and August, and after August, it's fall. Basically. Of course, this is coming from a midwest girl where spring and fall are marked by passing blossoms and colored leaves, respectively, winter is most decidedly winter, and school is out from June to September, so that's summer. The end.


Anyway. I've been enjoying it as much as I can, and have been busy-busy-BUSY up until now. It's not quite through yet, but let me just throw out there that tomorrow will be the first day off I've had in weeks where I won't just be skipping over to a second job because I'm available from the first one. On that very exciting note, I intend to clean, clean, clean tomorrow. More out of necessity than it being something I really want to do on my day off, but I realize a girl can't work 50 or 60 hours/week and do grocery shopping and scrub the bath tub and do the laundry and the dishes and pack up her life, etc, etc. It just never ends.

There's laundry in the washer right now, for the record. I'm getting an early start.

I've also been wanting to get back to eating a bit healthier, but the last few days have been a bit of a hurrah where food is concerned. :) All in the name of good times and sunshine and pleasant company, though, right? Sampled some Scottish ale at a local (Wisconsin style) British pub.

08012013-2 08012013-3

And one can never go wrong with ice cream.

August is shaping up to be a brilliant few weeks. Appleton's first Mile of Music Festival kicks off the weekend after next, and I'm excited to catch some of Saturday's lineup. That will be followed by what promises to be a lovely fare-thee-well party from the bookstore, and probably another shindig as a farewell from the museum sometime. I've planned a day trip to Door County, another day (possibly longer?) trip down to Chicago shortly thereafter. We've got a rummage sale to get underway, and I've got some serious packing to do, not to mention family and friend farewells and plenty of other excuses to socialize and enjoy the rest of this lovely summer.

Time flies when you're having fun! ;) So they say.

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 37