22 August 2013

Oh, pie of pies...

My first ever from-scratch #cherrypie. My crust technique is about as far from perfect as can be, but it tastes good and the cherry filling is amazing!

Photo via my mom, Vicki/Knitorious on Flickr

We finally put our amazing Door County tart cherries to use and produced two from-scratch pies! Thanks to my trusty Perfect Light Desserts cookbook by Nick Malgieri (who really knows his baking), I'm again very happy with how they turned out. I've also made tarts and the blueberry pie from this book and have been totally in love. We picked up a whole pail of fresh-picked cherries from Door County's Wood Orchard Market. In my humble opinion, it's one of the foremost orchards there. :)

I just needed to share. ;) <3

I've been busy-busy cleaning out my apartment and packing. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be hopping a plane across the Atlantic. I couldn't be more stoked, but I've also got a lot to do. And there's a lot going on! Tomorrow I'm catching a Green Bay Packers game, and the night after that is a family farewell dinner for both my sister Maddy and I as we embark on our respective semesters of college. And about five more days of work thrown in there, too. And of course, (hopefully) a few more nights out to celebrate friends before I go.

Can anyone else hardly believe that back-to-school time is here already? Oh! And I've requested classes, too. More about that in the next post, perhaps. ;)

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 16