18 August 2013



I really feel like I'm getting packed up now. I cleared out at least 10 if not more like 12 boxes and bags of clothes and household items to sell at this garage sale. I sold a good amount of it, too, but there was a lot of stuff and overall it wasn't very busy, so there was quite a lot left over as well. Regardless, it feels really great to get a lot of that stuff out of my apartment, and if not into someone else's hands at the rummage sale, then into a donation bin at the thrift store.

I got back home and started packing up my books and various sentimental things I won't be bringing along with me to Scotland, but that I want to keep. All in all, six-or-so boxes of stuff (books, mostly) at my parents' house and three suitcases (carry-on included) to Edinburgh is all I'll have, period. That feels good.

All I can seem think about right now, with moving in mind, is stuff, so I'm definitely ready to be able to drop it all off in my university flat and know the tedious/difficult part is over. Maybe I should take up a nomadic lifestyle; I feel it would suit me. ;)

Turns out that I'll be taking a few choice books with me, of course, including a Scottish Architecture book I found at my own bookstore today that happens to be on one of my class readings lists! Score.

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 20

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