04 August 2013

The local ice cream joint

Arguably one of the best things about summer: ice cream! I've been indulging more this summer than usual, and while the choices are many, the closest and most enjoyable has always been (and may always be) our local soft-serve spot! Dick's Drive-In has been an institution in our little city for decades. Built in 1954, it's been going strong, open in the summers and serving burgers, onion rings, malts, and that sort of all-American classic drive-in fare since then.

It just wouldn't be summer without it. And I've been taking full advantage especially since I won't see it for a while! ;)


Although nine times out of ten we go for ice cream, their burgers are quite good in that drive-in sort of way. The onion rings are the standard in my opinion. Paired with a chocolate malt... okay. I'm trying really hard not to get up and drive there right now.

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It was opened by Dick and Donna Sternhagen in 1954. It's owned by someone else now, but they ran the place for over 40 years. It's still very much the same; the posters for ice cream sandwiches and twinkle cones are the same, faded, outmoded advertisements that were on the walls when I was a little kid, and they'll probably be there forever. It's still open from March 1 through November, when the lot is typically taken over by the Kiwanis for their annual Christmas tree lot.

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The two black and white photos are via the Wisconsin Historical Society. Since those photos were taken, the drive-in has removed the absolutely amazing 50s/60s geometric lamps you can see in the window. I would have killed to have one of those in my kitchen...

My order of choice is a dish of chocolate ice cream with extra sprinkles. Just can't get enough of those sprinkles. ;) It's a sickness, it must be!


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