14 November 2013

Oh hazy day.

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There has been so much sun! Kind of hazy sometimes, a little lower in the sky than I'd like, but sun sure is the flippin' sun and I'm totally okay with it being around more than I expected this time of year. On Tuesday, feeling buoyed after a class presentation that went really well, and greeted by the sunshine when I left the art history department, I thought it high time I made a reprise visit to Calton Hill.

I checked in to the Collective Gallery, a contemporary art pod, but they only had one video piece going and I wasn't super impressed. Meh. So we'll skim over that part, but it's worth the trek to the top for the views. Even on days when it's kind of hazy and glary and difficult to see without watering eyes! I wanted to stop by the construction perimeters on Calton Road that have an ever-changing slew of spray art paintings by street artists--some with particular talent. A post coming soon on that. It changed a lot in the two months since I saw it last.

It's been a very busy, but good week. I've gotten excellent feedback on both an independent presentation for my history of Scottish architecture class, and also the group work I've been involved in with my other class receieved good feedback as well. Internship all day tomorrow. Essay due in three weeks. Lots to do, but it's under control and I feel good about this term overall -- as it stands. :)

Kate x


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