28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!



It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving here.. at all. Obviously, because it's an American holiday. However, it's been interesting to celebrate the holiday simply as a holiday and with hardly a peep about all the commercial craziness that comes as part of the package now at home, with Black Friday, shopping weekend and now, of course, Cyber Monday. So it feels rather wholesome and authentic, and toned down!

A few American friends and I got together to celebrate the holiday last weekend, since the holiday falls on a weekday and it's business as usual here today! ;) Classes and seminars go on as usual and essays are due in a week. There's a lot going on, but we made sure to squeeze in a day for celebration. We made chickens instead of a turkey because our ovens are so tiny! The menu consisted of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, stuffing, potato rolls, roasted beets with goat cheese and pistachio vinaigrette, cranberry sauce, roasted shallots and PIE PIE PIE!! It was so amazing. Oh, not to mention the wine and a valiant, if not totally successful first-time attempt at hot buttered rums. ;)

It was so nice, and wonderful to celebrate with some pretty awesome people. I think we would all prefer to be home with our families and close friends today, but I'm so happy that we were all able to get together and have such a great time in spite of being so far from home!

So I'm thankful for the group I've fallen in with here in Edinburgh, and for Edinburgh in general... so far, overall, the experience has been great and this is a first-rate city in which to live and study. I'm also so, so, SO thankful to my family and friends back at home, and around the world, who have always been and continue to be so supportive, encouraging, loving and inspirational... no matter where they are or I am. I couldn't ask for better peeps!

Much love getting sent out into the world today!

I hope that everyone enjoys a really wonderful, happy holiday.

Kate x

I think the top of my Dovecot Studios mocha (in a sweater!) says it best today:

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  1. Great article, Katie. Also, I enjoyed your British Museum video links.

    Love, D.