08 November 2013

The one that got away


I've found myself listening to The Civil Wars' self-titled latest album quite a bit. Ever since iTunes radio stuck "The One That Got Away" in regular rotation, I took the hint. Their songs are catchy, combining a little bit of a folky twang with indie, admittedly a little bit of sentimentality, and female and male vocals alternated between the two performers. It reminds me a little bit of a less bluegrassy Alison Krauss and Union Station. It strikes me as perfect fall music, hence the cup of tea, and, though you can't see it, warm scarves and a lot of academic readings scattered all over the place... ;)

I think I might be battling a cold or something; I've been rather lethargic for the last couple of days. But this could have to do also with the colder weather and clear need to hunker down with school work now that deadlines are fast approaching. I might also be missing home a bit, too, or at least the people I associate with home (Ironically, some of them aren't even living there at the moment, but I think that's beside the point!) I get so, so nostalgic sometimes for certain times and particular people in a way that feels very similar to homesickness. Saudade at its most maddening! However, I have also realized (yet again; does this just happen over again every time I leave home?) what I really appreciate about home, and there's a real value in that. I think being on my own, far away and frankly out of touch with some people I consider myself quite close to, gives me a perspective on them and myself and on my future that is really useful.

So I'm not really homesick in that I want to go home... yet. I do look forward to January when I can go home! But I think this time of year, when I spend more time indoors or go through phases of listening to melancholy (occasionally nostalgia-inducing) music, it's easy to start remembering how things were before I hopped to this most recent stepping stone. Happens every time. It's a perspective from which to view future decisions, because it becomes so clear what means the most to me. And what was that study about recently, regarding nostalgia not being bad? ;)

Kate x


  1. Ha. I'm glad you linked to that study... because now I don't have to! :)

    Also. Nutrition? Vitamins? Sunshine? (When available!?)

    1. I definitely get out into the sun at least a little bit when it's out! :D Nutrition might be generally lacking, though... eep. Too much coffee and not enough protein? Proooobably. ;)