04 September 2013

Second to last


To bring the blue velvet tennies, or no? The hardest part of packing has been limiting myself to things that I actually wear on a regular basis, since my wardrobe contains things I don't wear all the time, but am loathe to part with. Thus, the velvet tennies question.

My bags are mostly packed and still within weight limits, so I don't think it should be too hard from here on out. I've donated a bunch more stuff to the thrift store, gotten a haircut, packed away a bunch more stuff, cleaned some more...

I've been spending a good deal of time with this guy. 


And I'm finally starting to cross items off the list faster than I can add them. It's starting to look really good, actually, and with that, I'm feeling a little more at ease. It was really wonderful to go visit my favorite Kate at Shear Chaos Salon, a little treat from my mom as a last-minute get-ready-to-travel bonus. Is there anything quite like a really good shampoo/head massage? Pff, not likely!

This may be my final post Stateside, so perhaps the next you'll hear from me, I'll be travel-weary and exhausted, but excited beyond comprehension to finally be in Edinburgh. :D

Kate x


  1. I'll have to Skype with Porter on my lap.

  2. Have a safe trip! I've always wanted to visit Scotland.

    1. I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe it as anything other than beautiful and friendly, and I'd have to say I agree. It's an absolutely wonderful destination!

      Kate x