17 September 2013

Edinburgh Farmers Market

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It's hard to miss this little market on Saturday mornings if you're walking around the castle. From 9-2 every Saturday, a selection of local farmers, artisans and food vendors set up, selling everything from fruits and vegetables to cheeses, eggs, beer, meat, and fish at the Edinburgh Farmers Market. It's not a huge market, but there's a decent variety and the quality is excellent. Also not the place you'll want to go if you're on a budget, necessarily (as it's next to the castle, it caters to tourists as much as anyone else) but if you want direct-from-the-coop brown eggs and perhaps a kohlrabi or a pack of yummy strawberries, straight from the farm, here's a more entertaining, and in my opinion, rewarding place to shop than at the supermarket.

There are also a couple of fresh food vendors selling sandwiches and sausages, too, so I walked down there to get lunch as well as a bag full of snacks for later. I had a really amazing buffalo burger from The Buffalo Farm with fried onions and mushrooms -- so yum!

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And on the way back, not really a part of the market, but I couldn't help it. I'm not sure why, but I find it just adorable that it's "ice creams." And ice lollies! Ahh! Impossible to resist.


Kate x

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