01 September 2013

In the details

I'm officially unemployed. And how is it September? How has this happened??


My last day of work at the bookstore was yesterday, and a bittersweet day it was. Most of the staff was there, so I had to say goodbye to everyone all at once. Of course, it's not like I'll be gone forever--I already have the airline booked to bring me back to Wisconsin after the New Year, but still... it's goodbye to 4.5 years of that job and those people, where I invested a lot of myself and learned a lot as well. It's a big step.

In the meantime, since I have five days before I depart, and no job, I'm repainting the bedroom I was using up until a couple of days ago. I've moved just about everything out, so it's now in another bedroom or piled in the living room. My apartment is a total mess. But having this bedroom to redo helps to get my mind off of the big change ahead. As much as I love to think about it, and am very excited, I think sometimes I have a tendency to become what they call in the parenting world, "overstimulated." Like a kid at a birthday party who gets so excited she gets sick. Ahem. Not that that ever happened to me...


So I'm in the preparation stage of painting the bedroom. The house is old, almost 130 years. The part of the house where this bedroom is was a more recent addition, but by recent, we're still talking several decades and many, many layers of paint on these walls. What I've always loved about it is the built-in dresser with cabinet on top, and some of the old metal hardware. Not to mention hardwood floors,  but they too are getting old and a little beaten up.


I finally wrote out a list (crammed onto one side of an index card) of all of the things I would like to do, or must do before I leave. I cannot believe it's already coming up this Friday! Scotland!


Days to Edinburgh move-in: 6


  1. Good luck with all the exciting life changes coming up for you! And that dresser is pretty awesome. :)

  2. I hate saying good-byes! At the same time, I kind of wish I was quitting right now and getting free to travel and do all kinds of stuff that I rarely have time for with my 8-5 schedule.