13 July 2013

Farewell, Chinchie!


Today marked one of the more taking-this-seriously moments in the getting-ready-to-move department. I had to part with my pet chinchilla. He has now happily moved to the home of a friend (and her very excited six-year old son), so I know he'll be well taken care of. I took in this chinchilla from someone else who wasn't able to devote time enough to it, and now that I'm moving overseas, I needed someone to continue to care for it. So I simply gave him away, glad to know he has a place he'll be cared for and loved.

Even though I've never been much for any type of pet that has to be in a cage most of the time, chinchie really grew on me in the three-ish years I had him. (I renamed him Bernie, but I don't think I've ever actually called him that.) He's a bit cleverer than a hamster, but still very much a rodent. Just a really cuddly, unbelievably adorable and supersoft one. ;) I'll miss thee, chinch.


I just spent another good chunk of my afternoon pricing and boxing clothing for a rummage sale next month. And there's more to throw in there, too -- another good raid of my closet should do pretty soon!

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 56

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  1. Oh that is so sad! Good thing he's going to a good home.

    I just wanna squeeze him.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons