11 July 2013

Bourbon & Tunns Tavern

Yesterday was yet another part of my visa application puzzle put in place with a brief appointment for fingerprinting at the application processing center, which was just another name for the Department of Homeland Security in Milwaukee. So, I was dually printed and handed my receipt, all before 11am, and it was off to try to find some place that was open for an early lunch.

We intended to stop at a tapas place my mother had heard about from a friend, but we were disappointed to arrive there and find the door locked, even though their posted hours suggested they should be open. Needless to say, we had to find someplace else, so we drove back to the historic Third Ward neighborhood, parked, and go out to stroll for a block or two.


In all my years in Wisconsin (most of my life) and all the trips I've ever taken down to Milwaukee, I have never been in the Third Ward! It's one of the nicest areas I've been in that city, and I don't know why I didn't stop there sooner. The things that sway us, eh? We found a place just opening up, and were drawn in by the decor, first and foremost, and the lovely pub tables butted up against open air windows. So we could be next to the sun, but not in the sun, and enjoy yummy Arnold Palmers before lunch.

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The place was Bourbon and Tunns, an apparently newish/rebranded restaurant with a really sweet interior theme of dark wood, copper tile, exposed brick, and sturdy furniture.

07112013-4 07112013-5

The lunch menu was simple and delicious, and we were starving, so everything looked amazing (and was reasonably priced). I settled on the catfish po'boy (because if I see the word 'po'boy on a menu, I'm not not ordering it), and my mother had the Chattanooga salad. Both were very good, especially with the side of fresh pub chips that were still warm and perfectly seasoned. Alas, their bar area looked really wonderful, but we were a little early for drinks, but it looks like a place worth stopping. As for lunch, we'd definitely do a repeat.


Absolutely gorgeous weather we've had the last couple of days. Summer perfection.


I've finally got all of my forms filled out and other components collected; all I need to do is send in the visa application! Perhaps all these hoops are designed to be so annoying that you wouldn't even bother if you weren't serious about your trip. ;) Time is a-dwindling.

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 58


  1. I love this place! Great food. Can't believe you've never been to the third ward!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

    1. I'm going to have to get down to the third ward again before my move, and actually spend some real time there. so many fun shops and restaurants I had no idea about! And to think I almost went to MIAD... ;)