17 July 2013

Juillet est fou!


What's happening to summer? Where is it gooooinngggg? And why is it so HOT? Thinking of cool, lakeside Glacier NP on steamy days like today...

Wow. The days are flying. And what am I doing? Nothing very picturesque, lamentably. Yet I've been busy. When I returned from my trip to Glacier NP, where I want to be still (hence the photo), I hit a metaphorical wall of shit to do. Pardonnez mon fran├žais. Let's be honest: I've been stressed. More than I should be at this stage of the game, but what can you do? So much is going on!

My visa application has been received at the New York processing center. Technology is so amazing these days -- that they can email me to let me know they've received it and when-about to expect the decision. The whole process is a huge pain in the arse (and expensive), but it's streamlined online as much as it can be, and I appreciate that.

Additionally, working two jobs is no small investment of time, especially two distinctly different kinds of jobs. It's not all bad, though. The money is nice. ;) And of course, there's the work experience in my chosen field of art history, however part time, that I can use in the future.

In other news, I've rounded up the vast majority of of my wardrobe into what will be rummage sale-bound in a month from now. Much of it I've priced already. Now it's a matter of going through furniture, kitchenware, home decor, etc. and weeding out all the things I don't want to hold onto until some later date in my fuzzy future. Bahh!

Right. Remember. Calm and cool, Kate, you're moving to the UK. Stop stressing. It's amazing.

For now, I keep an eye on the end of July, when my projects will be concluded at the art museum and I can focus on actually moving. And maybe partying a little ;) So here's to looking forward to August!

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 52

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