25 July 2013

Auntie Katie!


I've been waiting to be able to break this news: I'm going to be an aunt! For the first time! My beautiful sister Ali, who was married last month, is about 16 weeks along with her first baybay. Per the image above, she told my other sister and I in early May, shortly after our birthdays. These cards were her cute little way of getting the point across without having to really say anything at all. It was wonderful! Needless to say, we're all super excited around here!! Of course, I'm about to take off on la grande aventure but I'm stoked to be able to book a trip home after the new year -- right around the time she's due.

Anyone who takes a moment to do the math, will know that she was "in the family way" during her wedding and also on our magnificent trip camping to Glacier Park earlier this month. Apparently, she's been feeling great for the most part, if just a little more tired sometimes than usual. Other than feeling "huge," she's doing wonderfully. Did I mention we're all so excited!??



In other news, my visa arrived in the mail today, so I'm all about scouring the internet for the best travel deals at the moment. Soon I should be receiving all of my matriculation forms/details so that I can actually join the university and register for classes and all that fun stuff.

I've been suuuuuper busy working both jobs lately. The bookstore is the bookstore is the bookstore, as it always is -- crazy -- in the summer. But the museum has tacked on an extra 20 hours or so, this week, because their annual art fair is on Sunday and they've been trying to get everything together in a very, very short span of time. I'm in charge of coordinating the volunteer base for that day. Once the weekend is over, I'm all but wrapped up at the museum, save one or two small tasks. Then it's on to the next thing...

Time continues to fly on by...

Days to Edinburgh move-in: 44


  1. Hi Kate, I'm also starting a master's program at Edinburgh in September and was recently allocated a room in Mylne's Court. I was googling around for more information about the place and stumbled upon your blog, so I thought it'd be nice to reach out, since we're in a similar boat. I emailed you at artsyabroad@gmail.com several days ago, but not sure if that's an active account or not. Let me know if you're interested in chatting further. Thanks, JB.

    1. Oh my, I'm not a very good correspondent, am I? Considering I totally forgot that email account even existed. I've replied to you from my other gmail account. I was not purposely ignoring you, ha! I'm delighted to talk to someone who is headed in the same general direction. ;)